We are the Reception Class. We engage in many so exciting activities and challenges every day, working to and beyond our Early Learning Goals.

Our Learning Themes help us by not only following our own interests but also exploring the wider world which includes the local community and further afield. We are always keen to discover new things.

Our girls are able to use their natural curiosity and creativity through stimulating play, to reveal their individual personalities and potential strengths and talents that will be developed at Prep School, to become more confident and self-assured and to revel in the sheer joy of learning.

The spacious Reception Classroom is set in the main house of Cranwell with its own doors leading out to the extensive school grounds for further imaginative learning.  Outdoors, the girls have their own secure, supervised play area where they can play and explore in safety. There are strong links between Nursery and Year 1, building relationships and self-confidence. The Class Teacher and Teaching Assistant set aside time for each child to further support next steps, with specialist facilities for activities such as weekly gym, music and ballet all taught by specialist staff.

Before the year comes to a close we have learnt to read and write, are confident swimming in the pool, as well as having performed in the theatre, looked after our own allotment and made lots of friends!

Let’s go fly a kite!

During Year 1 and Reception Link afternoon, the girls predicted whether or not the weather would influence the ability to fly kites. The weather outside was wet. The girls all made some amazing kites and windmills. The weather became windier by the minute. Everyone put on their coats, took their kites outside and they really did fly, one kite even took off! Their prediction was correct, kites do fly well in windy weather.