Learning Support

Learning Support Programme

At the Royal High School, we value all students individually, and special educational needs is an integral part of our mainstream school ethos.

The Learning Support Department supports students from all age ranges across the school. The continuity of support offered to our students throughout their time with us enables us to know them as individuals and develop a full understanding of their difficulties and potential.

Where possible, we try to meet every student’s needs within the classroom by ensuring that our planning, teaching and inclusive ‘Quality First Teaching’ approaches meet the needs of the majority of our students so they make the best progress in school. For some students, this level of support is exactly what they need. For others, they may be better supported by coming to the Learning Support Department in small intervention groups. A few students with specific learning needs such as dyslexia attend additional specialist one-to-one lessons and there is a charge for these lessons.

We want to create a partnership between parents, teaching and support staff, outside professionals and the individual to ensure success.

Many students attend Learning Support each year throughout the school, so there is not usually any stigma attached to it and the support given is discreet. We may see students for a short burst of intervention such as a short course of study skills. They may make good progress and not return for support. Other students may return as part of a small group or parents may choose to pay for individual sessions.

As students approach public examinations, additional support covering study skills – including revision and examination techniques – is offered by the department and Elevate. We also offer study support via lunchtime drop in sessions throughout the year which deliver short-term one-to-one support, at no extra charge, to any student in the school needing to improve their study skills.

The Head of the Learning Support Department is Mrs Siobhan Smillie, the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENDCo). Please see our school report here.  If you require any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing s.smillie@rhsb.gdst.net