Academic Trips

Throughout the year, our girls’ learning is brought to life with fun, insightful and exciting trips. Some of these are very close to home and others are further afield across the UK, and even overseas. All trips are intended to broaden our girls’ minds and ignite their imaginations.

Reception – Our Trip to our local Church

During the year we visit our local church in Weston, investigating the size and shape of the building as well as the interesting features of this historic setting. We use this location as an opportunity to discuss the traditions and celebrations that take place in the church. Reception also have the opportunity to visit the marvellous Laycock Abbey Gardens as part of their learning journey and a highlight of the year is a visit to Avon Valley.

Year 1 – Our visit to Farleigh Hungerford Castle

Year 1 visit Farleigh Hungerford whilst learning about ‘Historical Heroes’. They investigate the key parts of the castle, such as the towers, the arrow slit windows, the kitchen and - of course - the long drop toilets! Researching te local area plays a big part in the girls’ learning and Bristol Zoo is a memorable visit that the girls always enjoy. Being keen outdoor learners, the girls also venture off to Westonbirt Arboretum to find out about the many tree varieties.

Year 2 -  Our visit to Boiling Wells Outdoor Nature Reserve

During the Autumn Term Year 2 make the most of the Holburne Museum in Bath, enjoying the artefacts and unique picturesque setting. As keen scientists, Year 2 also venture off to We The Curious, in Bristol to stretch their minds and further their scientific knowledge. The excursion to Slimbridge is always well received and the girls get a huge amount from their trip to this fascinating wetlands centre.

Year 3 -  Our visit to the Roman Legion Museum

As part of Year 3’s thematic learning about the Romans they make the most of visits to both the Roman Baths in Bath and The National Roman Legion Museum in Caerleon, Wales. The girls enjoy a pantomime as part of their project work at The Theatre Royal in Bath (Oh yes they do!) and have a several other rich and rewarding excursions to The Victoria Art Gallery, Slimbridge and The Bath Children’s Literature Festival.

Year 4 -  Our Residential Trip to the New Forest

Year 4 enjoy an engaging residential trip to New Forest which offers a range of activities from farming and animal care to problem solving and rock-pooling. It is a highlight of the year and many memories are made. As keen performers the girls enjoy their visits to the Egg Theatre, Bath, and The Bristol Hippodrome which then informs their theme work in school.

Year 5 -  Our Residential Trip to the Isle of Wight

During the Summer Term Year 5 go on a week-long residential trip, building on their skills of resilience and teamwork. The girls stay at an activity centre and take on all sorts of fun and exciting challenges! Immersing themselves fully in their Victorian theme, Year 5 also visit Sevington Victorian School and Blists Hill Victorian Town enabling the girls to empathise with what life was really like for a Victorian school child. The BBC in Bristol has also proved to be a popular trip during the girls’ learning about Communication.

Year 6 -  Our Residential Trip to Normandy, France

Just as the Western Allies descended on Normandy as part of WW2's Operation Overlord in June 1944, so do the Year 6 girls at the Royal High Prep School in the present day. The French residential trip is a highlight of the year and offers the girls a fantastic opportunity to practice their French. Year 6 also enjoy visits to @Bristol to further their scientific knowledge, Stratford-upon-Avon to learn about Shakespeare, and Steam to learn about the First and Second World Wars.