Cranwell Creative Curriculum

The Royal High Prep School follows a creative curriculum model. Named after our home, Cranwell House, our curriculum has been designed to be diverse, engaging and girl-centred.

It provides our girls with unique learning opportunities alongside the breadth and depth required to achieve outstanding outcomes.  In an ever-evolving world, it is vital that an individual is able to retain, source and apply newly acquired knowledge in interesting and creative ways.  Motivated, creative and confident people who can solve problems, collaborate and communicate effectively are highly sought after in all areas of life, and these are the qualities we encourage and develop.


We draw on the educational philosophies of the Reggio Emilia approach, which respects and values the interests of children, and sees children and educators as co-collaborators in their quest for knowledge and meaning of the world.  The National Curriculum and the goals of the Early Years Foundation Stage also inform the Cranwell Curriculum. 

In practice, each year group has a theme for a term.  The theme selected will broadly be based on one of three disciplines:  Science, the Humanities and the community and the Environment.  The initial plan is mapped out by the teacher at the beginning of the term, but the girls are involved with changing and adapting it, and so help to take responsibility for their own learning.  Formal and informal assessment occurs at regular intervals, enabling the teachers to provide individualised next steps for each girl. Structure and rigour are in place, while at the same time the girls play a key part in deciding which direction their learning takes.

We have found that our pupils thrive with the Cranwell Curriculum, gaining knowledge and understanding and thoroughly enjoying the challenges they face. Across the Royal High School the skills and attitudes that help ensure every girl becomes an effective and motivated learner are celebrated. A cycle of information gathering, analysis, reflection, and development ensures that all the girls progress positively and happily.