Year 4

Welcome to Year 4. During this year the girls embark on a journey of discovery and irresistible learning opportunities.

Whilst developing a broad and current subject knowledge, the girls build on their learning to learn skills, including resilience and risk-taking, to create and develop detailed Theme-based work.

In the Autumn Term, there is a whole host of engaging opportunities to get the year off to a flying start.  ‘Year 4 Entertains’ gives the girls the platform to shine in their own individual way, sharing their talents with others and learning to perform to a high standard. This also allows them to support each other as a team whilst growing in confidence. Our Autumn Term trip is always a fantastic bonding experience and broadens the girls’ horizons. Previous trips have included ‘My Fair Lady’ at the Bristol Hippodrome, including a detailed backstage tour of the theatre.   


 During the Spring Term, History and Geography feature heavily as the girls explore the world through the eyes of prominent figures in history such as Henry VIII and the Tudors. Exciting trips, such as to Montacute House in Somerset, help to bring the girls’ learning to life. We always aim to enrich the curriculum by tailoring the learning to our girls’ interests and providing exciting events. For example, this year we held a Tudor Banquet with a special guest, Henry VIII!


In the Summer Term, we aim to capture the girls’ interests by basing much of our learning on developing the girls’ self-awareness and helping them to realise and appreciate their strengths and skills. We investigate a contrasting locality, describing geographical similarities and differences between Africa and the United Kingdom. We prepare the girls for their residential trip and reinforce the importance of working together as a team. To enhance the girls’ learning there are visitors, practical work, and field trips.