Year 5

Year 5 is a significant year at the Royal High Prep School and being part of the Upper Prep offers fantastic opportunities and experiences for our girls.

Key opportunities for the girls in Year 5 include:

  • The learning of two languages across the year: Mandarin & French.
  • Taking part in a range of sporting fixtures in a variety of sports: netball, hockey, cross-country and swimming.
  • Increased responsibility as the girls become role models by supporting younger readers during ‘Book Friends’.
  • Performing in the Summer Musical Show at the end of the year with Year 6.
  • Embarking on a week-long residential trip, developing skills such as resilience and teamwork whilst embracing new and exciting challenges.

In the Autumn Term our Theme is ‘The Victorian Legacy’. This learning journey takes us from life before the industrial revolution, when most people lived in rural areas and worked in cottage industries, to the hustle and bustle of factory life and the city. To understand the lives of children in the Victorian period Year 5 visit Sevington School, where they are completely immersed in the life of a Victorian School child. They dress in traditional costumes, have Victorian lessons, and even eat a Victorian lunch!

In the Spring Term our Theme ‘Land of the Free, Home of the Brave’ is centred around the varied geography of the United States. The girls learn about shifting plates and how this causes earthquakes on America’s west coast and volcanoes in Hawaii. We learn about the Colorado river and how it flows from its source in the Southern Rocky Mountains to the Gulf of California. We look at the formation of mountains and learn about different types of mountain. The girls broaden their knowledge of the countries that form North America, with some emphasis on the history of this continent. In this term we take part in creative workshops at The American Museum, focusing on the artwork of the indigenous people of the United States.

In the Summer term our final theme is called ‘Walls to Wires’ and is based on communication. Here we explore the history and rapid changes in communication, how it has developed and evolved. We look at both personal and mass communication, including newspapers and social media. How have the advances in technology led to globalisation in communication and social networking? We consider how the news is reported and look at bias, stereotyping and prejudice in the media. As part of this captivating theme we visit BBC broadcasting house in Bristol to find out how the news is reported.