Year 6

Year 6 is a busy year, full to the brim with stimulating and challenging experiences.

Designed to provide the skills and dispositions the girls will need for their transition to secondary school, we ensure that their final year at the Prep School is fun-filled and full of fond memories to treasure throughout their lives.

In the Autumn term our learning focuses on WW1 and WW2, providing an insight into the many changes people experienced when the country was at war. Discovering how the events at the end of WW1 are linked to WW2, the girls gain an understanding of the causes and effects of these historic events. Throughout the theme there are many opportunities for reflection alongside hands-on experiences which have included an evacuee experience to STEAM, a theatre trip to see War Horse, cooking with rations and learning songs and dances from the era. 

The girls visit ‘Wearecurious’ in Bristol to take part in a high-level Forensics Workshop in a real laboratory environment; they are given various pieces of evidence to find and analyse in order to ascertain the identity of the criminal.


In the Spring Term our thoughts turn towards Geography and Science in an exploration of the fascinating theme of Evolution and Inheritance. We look back at our own ancestry to see which physical features and personality traits we have inherited from our parents and grandparents. From Darwin’s finches to Galapagos tortoises, fossils, natural selection and the survival of the fittest, opportunities abound to conduct investigations into the wildlife and ecosystems found in our own Cranwell environment. We head off to Lyme Regis on the Dorset coast for a day of fossil-hunting, hopeful to return with exquisite fossil samples of our own to treasure forever.

In the Summer Term we take a literary look at Shakespeare and the history of the theatre, exploring different genres of plays and linking the learning to our own all-singing-and-dancing end of year production – always a highlight of the calendar! We visit Stratford-on-Avon as well as taking part in Shakespeare themed workshops as each year we focus on one of Shakespeare’s plays. The girls learn about the different aspects of theatre in Elizabethan times and modern day, helping them to bring professionalism to their own performances.The Globe Theatre in London and explore life in Elizabethan England.

Within each different context, the girls have opportunities to investigate, explore and develop their thinking skills, debating weighty issues such as ‘Is it ever right to fight?’ and ‘Is there a God? Religion versus Science’. Plenty of food for thought! As the year draws to a close we enjoy a super residential trip to France, cherishing the friendships we have made throughout our time at the Prep School whilst practising our language skills and sampling the delights of French culture, countryside and cuisine! Magnifique!