Royal High School students have the support of a first-class Careers and Higher Education guidance programme. It equips them to make those important decisions and face the future with confidence. 

The programme is run by Mrs Karen Harvie (Head of Careers and a Maths teacher) and is supported by staff from across multiple departments.

In addition to timetabled lessons and individual help from Year 7 onwards, we have lunchtime careers talks from visiting speakers with an array of expertise and an amazing enriched programme from Archaeological Illustration to Veterinary Science and lots in between. In the Sixth Form, assistance for Careers-related enquires is offered, and girls are encouraged to take advantage of the support available to them.

A full journey of Careers support

Years 7 & 8

The Careers Programme begins in Year 7 and 8 in tutor time with tutors and students looking at ‘Who we are’ and ‘What can we achieve?’

Year 9

Students are introduced to the various ICT programs and internet sites that will be useful to them. Students also have four careers lessons in Year 9, which encourage them to think about the future constructively and begin the process of career planning.

Year 10

In Year 10 the girls have specific careers lessons as well regular tutor time with our Head of Careers to discuss their options. Using role-play and practical exercises, we focus on some of the key skills needed in adult life, such as teamwork and leadership. The girls also benefit from a an impressive line up of guest speakers who can inspire and ignite their imagination and passion.

Year 11

This is an important point of transition, in which students make major decisions about their options after GCSE. All our students are encouraged to source work experience which they partake in the school holidays. We assist the girls writing letters and CV’s and have a database of past employers if they wish to use our contacts. Our students take a series of aptitude tests, prepared by Cambridge Occupational Analysis. The test results generate a detailed individual careers guidance report. This is followed by a guidance interview with a professional careers adviser.

Year 12

All students have a focused interview in the first few weeks of term with one of our school Governors. We look at their aims and objectives and the girls are encouraged to start thinking about making an informed choice for their journey post-Year 13. All girls also sit the COA ‘Centigrade tests’ which suggest courses they may wish to look at in different universities. We also run an inspiring ‘Women Mean Business’ day where many of our talented alumnae return to run workshops for Years 12 and 13. 

Year 13

Students are offered practice interviews for Higher Education admission. This is particularly important for all Oxbridge applicants, and those applying for other competitive entry courses where interviews will normally be required, such as Medicine, Law and Veterinary Science. We have good contacts with local universities and professional people who are able to offer a realistic interview experience and give constructive feedback to the students.

Alumnae network

We have a unique alumnae network who support our girls by coming into chat to them in an informal basis, giving a Careers talk and speaking at our ‘Woman Mean Business’ event. We are also able to connect our students to alumnae working or studying in specific fields, enabling them to ask questions and gain a personalised insight into career paths of interest to them.

ASPIRE – Careers Fair

This fantastic fair is run every few years. This is an amazing opportunity to meet professionals from every walk of professional life who have given their time to come and help our students. They represent Journalism, Law, The Forces, TV and Film, Hospitality, Business, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Education to name but a few. In today’s competitive and ever more complex workplace environment, it is vital to find out about the world of work from the employers and professionals themselves, so we can all help your students not only to aspire, but also to achieve.