ITALIAN (A level only)

Italian A level is offered to those who have already taken IGCSE Italian or who have previous knowledge of the subject. It may be offered as a full A level or alternatively as an AS (over 2 years) as part of our enrichment courses.

The A level course focuses on language acquisition and knowledge of Italian culture, in order to develop an interest in language learning and to communicate with confidence and effectively in the target language. You will develop an understanding of contemporary society in Italy with its cultural background and heritage.  Girls are assessed on all four skills: speaking, writing, listening and reading. As part of the course you have to carry out a research-based project in Italian linked to an area of your interest and related to the culture and society of an Italian-language country or community.  This must relate to one of the following: geographical area, historical study, aspects of modern society, or literature and the arts. 

You will have the opportunity to practice your spoken skills in weekly special conversation lessons and during the Italian lessons. 

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