Spanish is a world language with over 350 million speakers – not only is it an exciting language to learn, it will open doors whatever your chosen career.

Studying Spanish with our team of experienced specialists will not only provide an excellent command of the language, it will also give an in-depth understanding of Hispanic culture. Our teachers, Miss Jo Cossey, Sra Susana Martínez Gran and Sr Roca inspire the students to explore the rich culture of the Spanish-speaking world and to hone their language skills. Our conversation teacher, Sra Knight, develops oral skills so that by the end of the course students are able to converse fluently and with spontaneity.

In taking A Level Spanish, as well as exploring the culture of Spain and South America through literature and film, you will learn about contemporary issues in the Spanish-speaking world such as tourism and technology. You will also gain an understanding of how Spain’s past has shaped its present. Students have the opportunity to carry out their own research project on an area of Hispanic culture that interests them.


We organise visits to the theatre, tapas evenings and cinema trips. Every opportunity is taken to give the students the opportunity to explore and experience Spanish and South American culture. Our Peruvian conversation assistant, Sra Knight, regularly hosts fiestas inviting students to share in her rich cultural heritage. Many of our students in the Sixth Form undertake independent travel or work-experience in Spanish-speaking countries during their A Level course.

Many of our sixth formers go on to study Spanish either as their main subject at degree level or as a module as part of their degree course. We encourage these students to come back and share their experiences as languages undergraduates with our current pupils; always an inspiring and motivational event. In the past four years, we have had three students go on to study Spanish at Oxbridge.

The Spanish department is vibrant, exciting and high-achieving – ¡ven a estudiar con nosotros!

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