MUSIC (A Level and IB)

Many of our students choose to continue their academic study of music in the Sixth Form, as it is enjoyable, challenging and fun.

At A Level many pupils enjoy furthering their knowledge through more detailed analysis of set works from many genres, compositions to a specific brief, and practical performances in any style. Many of our past students have continued their musical education at prestigious conservatoires and universities such as the RWCMD.

A Level Music relies on students completing tasks from three areas: performance, composition, and listening. It is taught by the Director of Music. However, a great deal of support is available from a team of over 20 visiting instrumental teachers who offer tuition in most instruments including harp, guitar, percussion, and singing.

These teachers help students to develop their skills as solo performers and also enable them to take part in the many musical activities run in the school, from the Celidh Band to Swing Band and our many choirs.

The IB music course has a great deal of flexibility and allows students at SL to choose between focusing on performing or composing. This could be a good course for those who are skilled instrumentalists but have less desire to compose or vice versa. A key difference about the IB course is that it requires students to make cross-cultural musical comparisons in a piece of coursework which has led to many interesting. At HL both performing and composing are requirements.

Involvement in music groups not only adds gloss to a UCAS form but can also be used as an accredited skill for Duke of Edinburgh awards. Sixth Form students also benefit greatly from the help offered by our own full-time, highly qualified Performing Arts Technician.

Why not make sense of your enthusiasm and passion for music and all that practice over the years and gain a very useful and highly-regarded qualification?

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