Classical Languages (Latin) is sure to be a perfect complement to any other course offered in the IB Diploma qualification. Through the study of both verse and prose literature in its original language, the world of ancient Rome is revealed to show many of their concerns, passions and ideals – many of which stand firm today.

Although the study of Latin is rewarding in its own right, students develop a range of transferable skills which are encouraged through the Diploma Programme. When tackling unseen passages of Ovid, students must be analytical and show close attention to detail. When embarking on the set texts, students appreciate the cultural context and beauty of literature written two thousand years ago. Class discussions frequently deal with some of life’s ‘big questions’ which can range from religion, politics, philosophy to individual desires and needs.

A quarter of the course involves independent research on any subject of the student’s choice, resulting in the creation of a ‘Research Dossier’ with a small number of well-chosen primary sources clearly annotated to show a well-structured argument. Such work helps develop critical thinking and communication skills, as well as helping students select and organise information effectively.

The study of Classical Languages and the ancient world develops such qualities which are highly prized by universities and employers alike, and help arm students with the necessary skills to equip them for the modern world.

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