Spanish is an exciting language to study as part of the IB programme.

Learning Spanish at this level challenges, engages and enthuses our Sixth Form students, many of whom continue Hispanic studies in further education or use the language in the workplace or when travelling. With 350 million speakers of Spanish as their first language, this is a worldwide language that will open doors in whatever your chosen career.

As part of the IB diploma programme all students must study a foreign language. They can opt to study Spanish at either Standard or Higher level. Our IB teachers, Miss Jo Cossey, Sra Susana Martínez Gran and Sr Roca inspire the students to explore the rich culture of the Spanish speaking world and to hone their language skills. Our conversation teacher, Sra Knight, develops oral skills so that by the end of the course students are able to converse fluently and with spontaneity. Students study a range of themes such as immigration, the arts and the media. We explore these themes in the context of Spain and South America – the course offers a real insight into issues affecting Hispanic society. The IB diploma encourages students to reflect on the society we live in and the global nature of the world today. The interactive oral element of the course facilitates discussion and debate between the students in the target language.

Students may also study Spanish A with our IB A specialist and IB examiner, Sr Roca.

We organise visits to the theatre, tapas evenings and cinema trips. Every opportunity is taken to give the students the opportunity to explore and experience Spanish and South American culture. Our Peruvian conversation assistant, Sra Knight, regularly hosts fiestas inviting students to share in her cultural heritage. Many of our students in the 6th form undertake independent travel or work-experience in Spanish speaking countries during their IB course.

The Spanish department is vibrant, exciting and high-achieving – ¡ven a estudiar con nosotros!

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