The Biology Department is housed in our dedicated Science Building and is made up of a team of motivated, enthusiastic, talented teachers and technician who specialise in delivering an excellent all-round Biology education.

Biology lessons take place in specialist laboratories. As with all our laboratories, these are excellently resourced with modern, innovative equipment. We are also fortunate to have constant access to our beautiful school grounds, including a well-maintained pond and a newly refurbished greenhouse.

The importance of translating theory into the real-life application is vital at this stage in Biological education, and to support this aim, guest speakers are invited for example in conjunction with Gene Park Cardiff. The annual visit by the Explorer Dome enables students to experience the complexities of the cell from a unique angle. Our students are encouraged to broaden their knowledge by reading articles from The Biological Review, BioFact sheets and the website The Conversation

The girls’ wider biological knowledge is further enhanced by the provision of the school MedSoc, where girls interested in moving into the fields of Medicine and Veterinary Science can learn more about their intended careers, as well as a number of speakers who feature in the Science Society’s calendar of events.

Each year we are proud to see several students head off to study a range of biology-related courses at top universities across the UK, including Medicine, Veterinary Science, Dentistry,  a variety of Biological Sciences, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy and Forensic Science.


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