Our Chemistry Department is made up of a team of dedicated and highly experienced teachers and a technician, who specialise in delivering a top quality education in Chemistry theory, principles and knowledge.

Chemistry lessons for IB students take place in specialist labs, designed to facilitate theoretical and investigative work in small, dedicated classes. As with all our labs, these are well resourced with modern, innovative equipment, including a fume cupboard in each lab enabling the students to learn how to handle hazardous material safely.

The application of theoretical knowledge to real life situations in an international context is a key principle of the IB Chemistry syllabus. Through independent investigations, the students are given the chance to design and conduct individual experiments and projects and enables them to demonstrate greater creativity and analytical thought. The structure of the IB course also allows the students to take on the additional challenge of an extended essay, several students have decided to focus on chemistry for this piece of work. For example, in previous years students have extracted caffeine to compare the caffeine content of caffeinated and decaffeinated tea and synthesised a sample of ‘perkins mauve’ to dye fabric.

The study of Chemistry underpins many undergraduate courses and IB students have successfully gone on to study degrees including: Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences.

Their wider knowledge is further enhanced by the provision of the school MedSoc, where girls interested in moving into the fields of Medicine and Veterinary Science can learn more about their intended careers, as well as a number of speakers who feature in the Science Society’s calendar of events.

Each year a number of our IB Chemistry Students take part in the national Chemistry Olympiad. This is a national competition, open to students within the Sixth Form, and which attracts thousands of entries across the UK.  We have been pleased to achieve a number of excellent results in this competition in previous years.

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