If your daughter would benefit from a Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST) education, but your family is not in a position to cover the full fees, you may be eligible for a Bursary. Means-tested awards (up to 100% of fees) are given at Year 7, Year 9 (external applicants only) and for entry into the Sixth Form to students who demonstrate outstanding all-round academic ability. In order for their daughters to qualify for a financial award, parents must also complete an assessment of income and assets in order to establish their financial need. Details for on line applications are available from the Royal High School; the assessment is undertaken by the Finance Department at the GDST’s Head Office in London. Bursaries are subject to an annual review.

GDST Bursaries - how to apply

Find our more about how to apply for a GDST Bursary on their website. https://www.gdst.net/about-us/fees-and-bursaries/#how-to-apply