Joining Us

We welcome girls at the Royal High Prep School throughout the academic year.  We encourage parents to come and visit us, where possible, and following this visit the school will be in touch to organise a taster day for your daughter.

During this day, your daughter will join the year group she is currently in and be assessed in English and Mathematical skills.  She will also have the opportunity to join the class in specialist lessons and enjoy a hot meal at lunchtime served in the dining room.  At the end of her taster visit, the Head of the Prep School will meet with parents and offer feedback and places as appropriate.  It is always helpful for the school to be aware of any learning or health difficulties prior to these sessions. 

If attending a taster visit is problematic, we will contact your daughter’s current school and ask them to administer the assessments on our behalf.  We will also request a report on academic attainment. 

The aim of our taster days is to fully immerse your daughter into the routine here at the Royal High Prep School.  Why not come and visit us at our spectacular location of Cranwell House in Weston, Bath. Your daughter's happiness and well-being will be in excellent hands.

We look forward to meeting you!