Welcome from the Prep School Head

Welcome to the Royal High Prep School

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Royal High Prep School website. I hope you're enjoying exploring the Prep pages and seeing our girls in action!

Cranwell House, home of the Royal High Nursery & Prep School, is more than just a building. It is a vision, an enabling environment that allows girls to develop a real thirst for learning.  We believe passionately in helping our girls to aim higher than they ever thought possible, secure in the knowledge they have the very best support and a shared understanding of what both individual and collective success looks and feels like. We celebrate intellectual curiosity, explore diverse creative challenges and enhance the richness of childhood. Your daughter will feel a sense of excitement and of purpose as they embark on their individual learning adventure.

Situated on the outskirts of Bath, in Lower Weston, we have developed our own creative curriculum model called The Cranwell Curriculum, which has been designed to be diverse, engaging and girl-centred. We keep engagement high by changing our themes regularly and including whole school projects in our learning calendar. 

Alongside our skill-based curriculum, we ensure girls have developed their ‘learning to learn’ skills.  By supporting your daughter to develop her relationships, resourcefulness, resilience and ability to reflect and take risks we ensure she is ready for the challenges ahead.

As experts in girls' education, we pride ourselves in providing an outstanding education for all.  Click on a link below to learn more and come and visit us to see for yourself. 

Girls differ from boys not along any substantive intellectual or cognitive dimensions, but in attributes and dispositions that, crucially, have their greatest impact in childhood and adolescence; and which mean that girls’ learning needs, styles and preferences are typically different from those of boys.

As part of the Girls Day school Trust be are committed offering an environment characterised by:

  1. A commitment to excellence as schools: the non-negotiable starting point
  2. Design of purpose-built learning spaces with girls in mind
  3. Every curriculum and co-curriculum opportunity available to girls as a matter of course
  4. Teaching and learning focusing on girls’ learning styles, needs and preferences
  5. A whole-school culture which respects, nurtures, challenges and empowers girls.

GDST all-through schools provide a learning environment specifically designed for and dedicated to the development and empowerment of successful, confident and adventurous girls.

Year 1 – Developing early literacy and numeracy skills

Year 2 – Building confidence

Year 3 – Striving for independence 

Year 4 – Connecting their learning

Year 5 - Individuality blossoms

Year 6 - Mastering their talents

Mrs Claire Lilley