Academic excellence drives our educational philosophy; our scholars are integral to this and demonstrate it daily.”
Kate Reynolds, Head of Royal High School Bath
Senior drama

Challenging our most able

These students will benefit from specialist support and encouragement to help them excel in their particular field. Please note that existing scholarships awarded in Year 7 and Year 9 will end at Year 11 but girls are welcome to reapply for Year 12. Scholarships are available for Sixth Form.

Ho D Physics RHSB SS 238

Academic Scholarships

Scholarship Application Deadlines

Year 7 - Monday 21 November 2022
Year 9 - Friday 6 January 2023
Year 12 - Monday 3 October 2022

Assessment Day

Year 7, 8 and 9 - Saturday 21 January 2023
Sixth Form - 9-11 November 2022

Why do we award scholarships?

We recognise excellence and strive to stretch and challenge our most able students across a broad range of disciplines.


Typically, scholarships are worth up to 10% remission on the tuition fees. In certain cases, an honorary scholarship may be awarded and whilst there is no monetary award, girls have full access to the Scholars’ Programme.

How are scholarships awarded and who can apply?

Internal and external applicants in Years 7, 9 and 12 are eligible to apply for scholarships ahead of that academic year. Internal Year 9 scholarships are honorary.

All applicants are considered for an Academic Scholarship on the basis of their performance in the entrance exams or internal assessments.

Applicants are invited to audition for specialist scholarships in one of three main areas specifying the subject in which they are interested.

These are: Performing Arts, Art & Design, and Sports.

Please ensure you have registered prior to applying for a scholarship.

Year 7 Specialist Scholarships

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Sixth Form Academic Scholarship

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Sixth Form Specialist Scholarships

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