Family Forever

The Head's Study

It has been such a delight to see the whole School operating as it should in the Summer term. As I write this, the sun is shining, and I can see girls out on the front lawn soaking up the sunshine; the catering and events team are preparing for the Year 11 celebration; the minibus is loading up in readiness for the departure of the Ten Tors Team and I have just been talking to colleagues about their involvement in the Summer Festival at the end of term.

As every family, our school community relies on the kindness and energy of its members to thrive. Ours spans generations and is far-reaching; next weekend we will welcome alumnae whose ties with RHSB have endured several decades. The Friends are planning their Midsummer Ball on June 25 on the Chapel Field – the last gathering was held at the Guildhall in 2020, the weekend before we went into lockdown - and this years’ Ball promises to be a perfect marker to round off the academic year.

Another family sustained by our students is the bee colony; and this is swarm season. A time for the colony to split and form new family groups – I cannot help thinking about our Year 13 students working towards the end of their time at Royal High and heading for university and beyond.

When we talk about our aims as a school - Family Forever - comes first, and with good reason. This week with so much life, laughter (as well as hard work and grit exhibited in examination halls) there is a palpable sense of community apparent throughout the whole school. The ‘RHSB Re-set’ has begun.

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