RHSB Friends' Gift of Lego Robotics Kits: A Boost to Coding Skills at Prep

Nursery and Prep School, STEM, The Friends of RHSB

Thank you to RHSB Friends for the fabulous Lego robotics kits, they have already been extremely popular.

The Year 5 and 6 girls in Lego club have thoroughly enjoyed enhancing their coding skills and bringing their Lego models to life. It has been wonderful to watch the girls being creative in groups and developing their problem solving skills. We look forward to using the kits with the girls in Computing and Science lessons as well as other After School Clubs in the future.

“I love making lego robots because it’s so cool to see them move when we code them.” By Elouise 5RM

“I love lego robotics club because I love making things out of lego, and it is so much fun! By Camilla 5AD

Combining colorful LEGO building elements, easy-to-use hardware, and an intuitive drag-and-drop coding language based on Scratch, the Lego SPIKE Prime kits continuously engage students through playful learning activities to think critically and solve complex problems, regardless of their learning level.