Going for Gold

The Head's Study

Our theme this week of ‘Going for Gold’ has such connotations of all or nothing; there are the gold winners and then… there are the rest of us, the lesser mortals. Yet that would be a pointless theme applying, as it does, to such a small minority.

So, as the Winter Olympics begin and as we reflect on six weeks of term to date where our focus has been on encouraging girls, and us, to be fearless, going for gold reminds us of the importance of aiming high. And that is not just in sport. Looking at the last 10 days in school, girls have had the chance to compete in Young Musician of the Year, to perform or work backstage in the Sound of Music, to take part in a climbing competition or a netball tournament, to train for the Ten Tors, to perform in a Wind, Brass & Percussion concert, to put themselves forward for the Sixth Form leadership team or to do the UK Linguistics Olympiad.

Each and every one of these provides opportunities to go for gold. And we are not talking medals, great though those are; we are talking about passion, obsession and commitment: the mindset needed to shine like gold.

Going for gold assembly 3
If you want to be the best at something, you have to go all in. ”
David Ryding - British Olympic Alpine Skier