The Head's Study

Food Bank statistics since the pandemic make thought-provoking reading:

  • 6 food parcels handed out across the UK every minute
  • an 89% increase in demand from one of the main food bank charities, a 175% increase from another
  • a decline in food donations as Covid numbers fell yet unemployment figures rose
  • 50% of users since the pandemic, never having used a food bank before
  • food donors turned recipients having lost their jobs or livelihoods

Behind the statistics are the human stories, the reality faced daily by those families relying on food banks. What were once seen as ‘stop gap’ food parcels are now becoming the only reliable source of food for many families. The vast majority of those receiving food parcels have children in their families, children who are no longer receiving a balanced diet or whose parents are making food sacrifices for them.

If this were another victim of Covid it might be easier to rationalise but the reality is that a concept only introduced into the UK twenty years ago has now become a staple for so many communities with over 2000 food banks across the country.

At this time of Harvest Festival let us demonstrate the power of community once more by giving as generously as we can to the Genesis Trust our local food bank. Each tutor group will be collecting a box of donations during the course of this week which we will deliver to the Genesis Trust over half term. Thank you for your support.