Natalie Haynes: a Spellbinding Talk at the Roman Baths

Expert voices, Senior School

Hearing Natalie Haynes speak about her new book, ‘stone blind’, and her experiences with the portrayal of Medusa and Perseus in a captivating and spirited way was enlightening, refreshing, and brought new light to how we view and interpret myths, encouraging everyone to think twice about what we read and consider the fact that men tend to be portrayed in a more positive light than women. I think we can all thank Natalie Haynes for writing her books and retelling the myths from other perspectives!”
Maya, Year 12, IB Classics student

A magical evening unfolded as renowned author and broadcaster Natalie Haynes took the stage at Bath Festival to discuss her latest book, 'Stone Blind'. Sponsored by Royal High School Bath, this engaging event not only showcased Haynes' exceptional talent but also sparked insightful conversations about the portrayal of Medusa, Perseus, and the complexities of Greek mythology.

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Roman Baths, this event provided attendees with a truly immersive and awe-inspiring experience. The historic setting only served to enhance the discussions of ancient myths, allowing attendees to feel as though they had been transported back in time to the world of gods and monsters.

Natalie Haynes, an accomplished author, broadcaster, and former stand-up comedian, captivated the audience with her wit and wisdom. Sharing her take on the often-misunderstood story of Medusa and Perseus, Haynes encouraged listeners to reconsider their perceptions of these legendary characters and the myths surrounding them.

The event attracted a diverse audience, including students and teachers from Royal High School Bath. Four lucky RHSB Classics students had the opportunity to attend the event with their Head of Classics, Claire Binney, who introduced the talk. These students also had the chance to meet with Natalie Haynes and have their books signed, making it an unforgettable experience.