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A Busy Life in Boarding

10 March 2017

Over the past few of weekends, the Boarders have been busy visiting the SS Great Britain, solving a Murder Mystery and Paintballing! Our visit to the very first wrought iron ship which “changed history” due to its innovative single rotational rudder was fascinating as we got to stand beneath it, then explored the museum and finally stepping aboard the mighty vessel to experience the cabins, with real live smells! There was fun to be had dressing up and sitting at the dining table, as well as scrubbing the decks and imitating a bit of the Titanic…not the sinking bit thankfully, but the “I can fly” bit!

The Murder Mystery on Saturday posed cryptic questions and the boarders had to use evidence to try and guess who the resident murderers were through various methods including Fingerprinting - lifting and identifying, blood typing, identifying and questioning suspects, scavenger type hunts for clues and so on. The girls were very competitive working in teams and even the murderers themselves didn’t suspect a thing!

Finally this Sunday we all went Paintballing. It was a bit chilly, but the girls donned their boiler suits and masks to capture the flag with their paintball guns, which they assured me didn’t hurt too much after a while. After exeat, the Boarders can look forward to our International Cook-Off competition, our very own Oscars Award ceremony and a trip to a theme park to round the term off.

Mrs Custodio

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