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A Level Politics Conference

31 December 2018

On Monday 3rd December, the Year 12 and 13 A Level Politics students travelled to Westminster to attend an insightful politics conference where top politicians addressed key issues and engaged in questions with the audience. Within the Methodist Hall, around 3,000 students were enthralled by influential figures in politics, although some were highly controversial! Politicians such as the Speaker, John Bercow MP, and Chuka Umunna MP were engaging and connected to the youth whilst contentious figures such as Nigel Farage MEP and Jacob Rees-Mogg MP spoke like true politicians, convincing yet questionable. Furthermore, in tune with the centenary of the woman’s vote, Jess Phillips MP unapologetically addressed the marginalisation of women not only in politics but nationally. A common theme addressed throughout the day was Brexit and it was very fascinating hearing different opinions and arguments put across. Overall, the day was very educational and politically heated, with many students leaving the event more passionate than they arrived.

Hannan Suleiman (Year 13)

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