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"A Midwife Crisis" - Infant Nativity at The Egg

19 December 2018

What a magical day we all had at the Egg Theatre last Thursday and such a wonderful way to start the festive season. The girls all sparkled and shone in their roles and each of them performed, danced and sung fantastically in ‘A Midwife Crisis’. Thank you to everyone who came to support the girls and  to all the parents with your help providing the costumes. Girls, we are all very proud of your achievements and your performances on stage. You were all amazing!

Two girls from Year 1 and 2 share their thoughts of the day below:

I loved trying on my costume for our Nativity. All the infants went to the Egg Theatre together. When we got there we ate our snacks. We had two rehearsals and they were fun. Then we had our first performance. Four girls were angels and there were three camels and three townspeople from Year One. My favourite thing was when I picked up snow after it fell down. I hope everyone loved it. Well done everybody.

Isobel Christie, Year One

Last Thursday we went to the Egg Theatre to perform two shows of A Midwife Crisis. The story tells us about Mary, Joseph and Jesus. I was Nigel the Donkey and an Innkeeper and I had a funny line in the play. I loved performing on the black stage. At the end of the play, snow came down and my favourite part of it all was singing the song God’s messengers. It was so much fun and everyone did well and it was a blast!

Maude Morgan, Year Two

Many thanks to all the families and friends who supported our Nativity at The Egg last week. We were immensely proud of the girls.

Mrs Millard and Miss Debby

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