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A New Head Girl Tradition is Born

26 March 2018

The late winter snow did its best to divert the process of appointing our new Leadership Team this term, with both interviews and the handover ceremony having to wait for the icy conditions to thaw. But it did nothing to cool the dedication and determination of the girls who stood to be Head Girl, Deputy Head Girls, Prefects and Mentors for the coming year.

In an uplifting assembly on Tuesday, the outgoing leadership teams in Years 11 and 13 were celebrated and thanked for their energy and dynamism in representing and supporting their peers throughout the last year. Each was presented with a cheerful Gerbera and a card as a gesture of appreciation from their peers. The new team of leaders, from School Leaders in Year 10 to the new Head Girl and her team of prefects and mentors in Year 12, were congratulated and welcomed, with badges of responsibility being passed on by their predecessors.

In a new tradition, Head Girl Mathilda Craig was also presented by Ellie McKenzie with the Head Girl’s Box, into which had been placed letters, small gifts and words of advice. The mysterious contents of the Box remain a secret between each Head Girl and the next, but it is anticipated that as the years roll by, it will become a repository of notes, letters, thoughts and ideas passed on as a legacy and an archive of treasured memories.

Both Mrs Duncan and Mr Hayward thanked the outgoing teams for their hard work and commitment and noted the courage and leadership qualities that all applicants had shown in raising their heads above the parapet and pursuing positions on the new team. Mrs Duncan also reminded us that whilst recognised positions of leadership carry with them responsibility and are high profile, we can all demonstrate leadership on a daily basis if we choose to do so: in our attitude, our approach and our interactions with those around us.

Mathilda Craig spoke of her joy at having been selected as Head Girl, and her readiness to embrace the opportunities and challenges ahead, with the support of her team.

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