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A Right Royal Banquet

19 February 2019

Year 4 enjoyed a feast for the senses at their Tudor banquet. Having prepared our headdresses and clothes at home, we began our Tudor festivities by changing in to our marvellous creations. All of my friends had worked hard to make their headdresses, which were in all manner of shapes and sizes. Our dresses were a feast for the eyes, but many were challenging to wear. Some were heavy; some were itchy, whilst others were a little long and difficult to walk in. However, all were spectacular and after quickly brushing our hair and changing, we were ready to prepare the table for our feast and greet our royal guest of honour!

The first stage was to set the table with cutlery and arrange the candles. Once everything was perfect, we brought the food over from the kitchen and placed it on the table. The food looked delicious and we could not wait to get stuck in! However, first we had to go and prepare to welcome our very special visitor.

In our groups, we lined up on the staircase to play our fanfares in honour of King Henry VIII. I felt a little scared waiting as Mr Woods looked very stately and stern in his costume (with an added cushion or two to make him fatter!). Mrs Millard, dressed as a splendid lady, introduced King Henry and the first few groups played and sang their fanfares. When it was my groups turn, I sang as loudly as I could and exchanged a smile with Henry. We breathed a sigh of relief when he moved on to the next group and quietly shared a little giggle!

When we sat down to eat our splendid feast King Henry VIII insisted on getting his food first. While we were eating our scrumptious feast, we chatted to each other about the Tudors. When we had finished the main meal, the teachers teased that there were still 14 courses to come! After eating a wonderful variety of dishes, we moved on to the pudding, when I had chocolate cake and strawberry jelly. It was all delicious, and my Mummy laughed when she saw a photo of me happily tucking it my food whilst everyone else smiled for the camera!

Finally, we had a photoshoot with Henry VIII. We each had a photo of ourselves standing next to Henry, who looked magnificent. I had helped Mrs Robson prepare the green screen the previous day, so I was excited to see how it was used. The photos were sometimes funny, as it was a little strange to see us all in our Tudor outfits. Together with our teachers, we looked fantastic and could have graced the real royal court.

I would like to say thank you to Mrs Robson, Mrs Millard, Mrs Stockley and all the kitchen staff for preparing and planning our Tudor Banquet. It was amazing!

Bella Richens

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