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Activites in Boarding

18 January 2019

Year 7 Cinema Trip

This Saturday, Year 7 boarders went to the cinema and watched a movie called 'Mary Poppins Returns'. I really liked the movie because it had many songs and dances in it, and it brings all the childhood memories back! (I am still young but I mean when I was 5). This movie is really magical and cheerful but also really sad. It is true that most adults give up all their imagination and only go with things that make sense. I really enjoyed the film!

Tanya Cheung

Year 8 Pebble Painting

As a weekend activity, Year 8 did pebble painting. All of us really enjoyed being creative and doing something artistic. There were a lot of different types of paint, and choices of pictures. I chose to draw a Chinese style pine tree and a flower on the pebble. It is actually exciting to draw on a pebble, but the best part that we all agreed on is that we could actually mix colours. Many of my friends created some really gorgeous paintings, and the pebbles became even more special after spraying a coating on top of it. We all got to take our pebbles back with us, it comes in really handy when I'm using it to hold papers. A big thank you Mrs. Custodio who prepared this whole thing for us.

Ilia Tsui

Year 9 & 10 Baking

Sunday baking was really nice. Everyone enjoyed it. Firstly, we put a whole package of bread mix into a big bowl. Then we measured 320ml of water into the bowl, and mixed the bread mix with water. The flour became stickier. We cut it into small pieces, so everyone could have one. We used the flour to make different shapes that we liked and we put it on the metal tray. We left the dough in the fridge for about 5 minutes, and then put it into the oven for about 30 minutes. The bread was made and we were done, it was delicious!

Jenny Lin

Year 7 Craft

On Sunday evening in boarding, the Year 7 took part in arts and crafts, specifically making scrunchies. All of the Year 7 made them with Miss Mathews, we made two types of hair ties.

Carmen Simon Gonzales

Year 9 & 10 Roller Disco

This Sunday, we went to Bristol to roller disco. Some of us didn’t know how to roller skate so many of us fell and were grabbing onto each other for support. Some of us were a little screamish at first but most of us got the hang of it in the end and had lots of fun.

The disco lighting was really cool and pretty. There were also music we could dance to. Overall it was really fun and I would definitely go again.

Gladys Cheung

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