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  • African Tie Dye

African Tie Dye

06 June 2018

On Wednesday 23 May Year 4 had a visitor called Philomena who came to do an Art workshop. She comes from Kenya in Africa and is a student at Bath Spa University. Philomena told us about how African dresses were made and taught us how to do African tie die. There were different styles to choose, for example putting rocks in a piece of cream fabric and tying it with string. We got to choose what pattern we wanted to do.

Once everyone had finished their design Philomena put gloves on and everyone chose a colour out of red, blue and green. Then she put the pieces cloth in the bucket and left them in there to soak in the colour. Whilst she was doing that she gave us each a card and we decorated it with wax and water colours to make African patterns.

At the end Philomena took all of them out and we got to see them all, they looked fantastic! It was an amazing workshop and we all wish we could do it again.

By Hattie Lewis, Margaux Mayell and Erin Vance

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