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An Operating Theatre...Live?!

30 November 2016

We were fortunate this Tuesday to welcome the wonderful “Operating Theatre Live” to perform their Senior Medic Show to students in Years 10 and 11, and it was absolutely fantastic! The concept was fascinating and the girls had a wonderful time. There was such a buzz of excitement and the thirst to learn it was truly inspiring.

In the morning session, there was a motivational introduction to careers in the medical professions, before moving on to discussions about the use of anaesthetic (with the girls calculating the correct dosage for their ‘patient’) and the nervous system. The girls removed a pig’s brain and eye and related the structures to both meningitis and motor neurone disease. In the afternoon the girls even performed a tracheostomy, and a heart transplant!

The day was particularly interesting for those wishing to pursue careers in medicine but was also incredibly valuable for their GCSE preparations. We are very grateful to the Friends of The Royal High School for supporting this event.

Five Year 11s, all considering a career in Medicine, joined the year 10s on Tuesday for Operating Theatre Live. We found the experience really inspiring and got a chance to perform procedures which we would never have had the chance to do otherwise. This included a heart transplant, tracheostomy and looking at pig brains and optic nerves. The experience also allowed us to extend our scientific knowledge and gain an insight into the life and training of a junior doctor. We thank The Operating Live team and our teachers for organising this experience that we will never forget.

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