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Art Scholars Trip to the Tate Galleries, London

01 March 2017

On Wednesday last week, a group of the Art scholars (Years 7-13) and the Year 12 Art Historians travelled to London to visit two excellent exhibitions.

The first was at the impressive Tate Modern, Robert Rauschenberg; the tagline read ‘Discover the artist who changed American Art forever’. This was a superb exhibition with a comprehensive collection of works thoughtfully displayed showing a clear progression of his ideas and the development of his work in a chronological way. The girls were inspired by his use of colour and photographic images, alongside raw and expressive mark-making. Work, that in isolation, can sometimes seem difficult to understand, became clearly explained in this provoking and inspiring exhibition.

After lunch, we moved on to the Tate Britain to see the exhibition of works by David Hockney, one of Britain’s most loved and respected living artists. This was an absolute delight from start to finish, wonderful variety of working style and content. Hockney is a prolific, inventive and imaginative artist who embraces new technology and combines it with traditional drawing and painting skills. His eye for colour and composition was striking and the girls really enjoyed looking at this exciting and inspiring show. Again, organised chronologically it was interesting to see the more abstract works from the ‘60’s develop into carefully controlled paintings and then become freer again as we saw more contemporary images. It was exciting to see a mainstay of British art using an iPad to draw with and being able to watch his hand at work as the screens showed the imagery being drawn. I was struck by his confident editing of the image, again and again making changes and corrections until he achieved the result he was looking for, certainly something the girls could try and adopt more in their working methods.

All in all a great day out, the girls made some wonderful drawings from the artworks seen and I know they will be inspired to bring some of the ideas from this into their own studies, never again will they say you can’t make a great drawing with pencil crayons; they were blown away by the Hockney examples on show. What a treat for our great artists of the future.

Mrs Joy

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