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Attending Bath for Europe

20 December 2018

On Friday the 30th of November, a panel discussion and Q & A session took place at Hayesfield School in order to raise awareness about what the EU does for us and advocate the support of People’s Vote to stop Brexit. It was an incredible opportunity to hear live some of our great local politicians, such as the MEP’S Molly Scott Cato (Green party), Clare Moody (Labour) and Julie Girling (independent, formerly Conservative) and Bath MEP, Wera Hobhouse as chair.

This event opened our eyes to appreciate what our union with the EU has given the U.K, from the health aspects to the economic, the social and the peaceful. It also gave us the privilege to listen to the politicians who have first-hand experience of what is happening in the Parliament, to debunk myths, update us about the situation, and give insights. Since questions could be asked, the event soon became a conversation between the politicians and the people, a dialogue we all wish to see more often. Our speakers belong to different parties across the political spectrum, and as result, thought-provoking topics like campaign strategies and voting franchise extension were tackled in a very productive way, with a successful denouement of endless questions.

One thing is certain, everyone left the discussion not only with a fresh perspective on the current political panorama in the U.K., but with a collaborative spirit of union and motivation to take action for what they believe in. Nevertheless, the main message was clear, as Molly Scott very accurately quoted towards the end, you never know what you got until it’s gone!

by Laura De Remedios

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