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Bath Business Women's Association

20 November 2019

Sixth Form girls were last week given a head start in one of life’s most helpful but challenging skills: professional networking. Members of local business network, the Bath Business Women’s Association, brought their monthly get-together to school to share their wealth of experience and expertise in how to work a room, make confident introductions and forge meaningful connections. Over drinks and canapes, the girls were given a short introduction by BBWA’s Stephanie Hill, Laughter Therapist and professional networker, who emphasised the importance of standing tall (hoisted from above by an imaginary golden thread..), making smiley eye contact, and the all-important firm-but-not crushing handshake.

Lu Scott, Head of Careers, urged the girls to make the most of the opportunity to develop a skill which many professionals find daunting, and that, if mastered, will set them well ahead of peers in a competitive job market.

The girls were then sent forth to network, finding ways to approach our guests and engage them in high-level conversation. They did so with increasing panache as the evening went on, with BBWA members noting ‘The quality of those amazing young girls is heart-warming’. The girls’ confidence and enthusiasm was palpable by the end of the evening, with one girl commenting ‘I feel that I was able to learn and put into practice so many great techniques which will come in very useful in the future. After speaking to one of the women there tonight and collecting her business card, I have contacted her about potential work experience’.

We thank the BBWA for supporting our girls’ professional development in such a practical way.

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