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Boarders' Corner - Trip to Windsor Castle

31 January 2017

On Sunday the boarders had a trip to Windsor Castle, one of the royal residences and the largest inhabited castle in the world. The oldest parts of Windsor Castle were built by the Normans following the victory of William the Conqueror in the Battle of Hasting in 1066. The original castle was made of wood and built in the motte-and-bailey style. Henry I was the first monarch to use Windsor Castle as a home and it is during his reign that the wooden keep and walls were replaced with stone. In the 12th century, Henry II upgraded the Windsor Castle walls and added a new stone keep and it expanded further over time.

We visited the Doll’s House which was an incredibly detailed, perfectly kept dolls mansion, then onto the State Apartments where we were in awe of the amazing paintings, decorations and splendour of the rooms.

It was a shame that the Queen was away at Sandringham this weekend, however, the boarders were very taken with the soldiers on guard and how still they remained! We even spied a corgi in a window!

As a History teacher, I was so pleased with the questions that the girls were asking about various traditions or who the people in paintings were; they were most fascinated with the idea of drawing rooms, not, as the girls supposed, used for drawing, but for relaxing after dinner.

Mrs Custodio, Head of Boarding

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