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Boarders Have a Magical Time at the Harry Potter Studios!

17 November 2017

As loyal fans of Harry Potter, visiting The Making of Harry Potter is a must. On 15th October, we visited Warner Bros. Studio Tour London. It fascinated us of how the filmmaking crew casts magic to bring J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world to life. We learnt a lot about behind the scenes, productions and had the opportunity to see a lot of delicate props from the actual film set.

When we first arrived, we received our own activity passports which we could collect souvenir stamps from different areas of the studio. The warm and welcoming staff charmed us with stories about the making of the film. Walking through the creepy Forbidden Forest and being in the Hogwarts Express on Platform 9 3/4 were the most wonderful moments for us to have as Harry Potter fans.

One of the fanciest had to be Buckbeak, the Hippogriff. Surprisingly, it’s not completely created by CGI; it’s an animatronic robot that was built with complex technology. To replicate the exact wing movement and skeleton of a real bird, the designers worked with engineers. To develop such an enchanting, realistic creature, the artists had to use tweezers to place thousands of hand-painted feathers in place. This is simply incredible and shows how determined and hard the HP team worked to bring the series to life. This made us realise that it’s not only great actors that make a good movie, having awesome artists and staff is also an essential part.

The best part of the tour was the magnificent Hogwarts castle. At the end, we arrived at the extraordinary smaller-scaled model of the whole Hogwarts with “Leaving Hogwarts” playing in the background. It was absolutely breathtaking and brought back memories of the iconic scenes from the movie— Harry Potter and his friends hanging out in the corridor, Professor Dumbledore falling off the tower, and the students risking their lives fighting Voldemort and his followers. The model was so detailed that we could literally see every step on the stairs, little tiny people on the bridge and every little detail that appeared in the movie. It was amazing to see how the familiar scenes from the movie are right in front of us. Some of us even teared up because it was so nostalgic and we felt like we were immersed in Harry Potter’s world.

It’s astonishing to see how things were brought to life piece by piece. Harry Potter is definitely wonderful and an all-time favourite movie

This is the most magical tour we have had, and we enjoyed each and every minute of it.

For the ones who aren’t interested in visiting the studio, we can assure you that you would change your mind if you experienced it yourself.

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