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Boarders visit BAMM

04 November 2019

This Sunday we had the pleasure of visiting BAMM (Bath Academy of Media Makeup). We were welcomed and brought into the main studio where they talked us through the different stages of applying makeup. They gave us tips and tricks on what products to use and which were at a reasonable price. Then they set us the challenge of creating a formal and natural ‘interview look’. During the process, they helped us along and gave us tips on how to improve our looks by making special features in our faces stand out. Some examples: people learnt how to do their eyebrows, most people had their eyebrows plucked and will be devastated when they grow back and we finally learnt how to apply eyeshadow correctly. If we would’ve had to go to an interview everyone would have gotten their jobs because of their amazing looks. 

We had a great time and highly recommend going.

by Ella Condrau and Katy Lohner-Benson, Year 11

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