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Boarding at RHS

09 September 2019

Last Sunday, all the boarders were invited to activities. There was archery, building rafts and disc golf (throwing a disc into a basket). Everyone started with archery and practised how to hold a bow and shoot an arrow. Once we had finished practising everyone was put into groups 1 to 5 and each group had to battle against each other, and then, in the end, we could see which group wins, which was group 2! The field was filled with flying bows which was chaotic but everyone had fun whether they lost or won. After that, all years went to the next activities, which was building rafts and playing disc golf.

All the groups were split into the two activities and then swapped around so everyone could have a chance to do both games. When some groups did raft building, they had to use a certain amount of logs to make it and once a group had finished everyone in the group had to sit or stand on it for about a minute. All the groups were able to finish and go on the raft, we persevered and did amazingly well! For the last activity, disc golf, the rest of the groups practised throwing a disc into a hoop then into a basket. After that, each group split themselves into groups of two and had to throw a disc into 3 separate baskets which were far away, and then see how many times it took each pair to get the disc into the basket. It was hard but enjoyable for everyone and I hope we all did our best for all activities and had an amazing time! 

by Elianah Odim-Ofor Year 7

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