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Boarding Bonanza at RHS

28 September 2018

Mendip Activity Centre - Wednesday 5th September

On the unofficial first day of term, whilst the Year 7s and 10s were getting acquainted with the new school year, School House’s 8s, 9s and 11s went to Mendip Activity Centre for a day of team building and fun. After some team-building exercises, we all were challenged to an assault course. During the course we had to climb over the tallest wall; crawl through a muddy trench; and work on our balance with a human see-saw. How we performed as a team in each of the obstacles determined how many points we earned, which we would later use to buy all the things we needed to build a raft. With a little instruction, we were set the task of making our rafts water-worthy. One teams raft didn’t even make it 2 seconds – soaking them to the bone. The other four rafts survived a little longer with a few trainers taking a dip in the meantime. All in all, it was a great start to the term and a great way to get to know all the new people in our school family.


Inflatafun - Sunday 9th September

On the 9th of September for our first weekend of the autumn term, we had so much to do. After studying in the morning, we had an English brunch at 11h30. In the afternoon, we went to the gym with some of our new English friends before we went onto the main activity – Inflatafun. It was like a festival with inflated bouncy obstacles. There was a bouncy assault course, a rodeo bull and a bungee challenge, where you competed against one other person to see if you could stick a beanbag at the end of a Velcro ruler. After a small break, we went to the swimming pool, which wasn’t as cold as we expected. In the evening, we had a BBQ by the pool with all the boarders – eating yummy hotdogs, burgers and some fruity drinks. It was so lovely sitting together on the grass, getting to know each other some more. We are really looking forward to week number 2 after such a fun weekend.

Phillippa Frohlich and Joana Gottschalk


Bath Scavenger Hunt - Saturday 15th September

For last Saturday’s activity, 25 School House girls went on a landmark scavenger hunt in Bath to show the new Royal High School Boarders their new city. We were given 18 clues that described prominent images and buildings in Bath and after working them all out, we had to go in our groups of 5 and take a selfie in front of every single one. Although some people gave up after looking for an hour and only finding 10 (the clues were quite difficult), one group worked really hard and managed to get all 18 – meaning they won the prize of a bag of sweets from the Old Bath Sweet Shop (which was one of the landmarks we couldn’t help popping into to buy some sustenance for the hunt) but also they will get to go on a cinema trip during the week with the rest of their group to celebrate their hard work. Well done to the winners!

On Sunday the Year 7s, 8s, and 9s all set off into town for our different activities. When we got into town we split with the Year 7s and 8s heading off to the Bath leisure centre for an afternoon of trampolining. When we arrived we got our wrist bands and changed into our special trampolining socks and headed to the safety briefing. Once the briefing was done we were allowed in to the park. It was so fun seeing how high we could jump, playing on the wipe out area and practicing our circus tricks on the trapeze. By the end of the session we were all very hot and tired and ready for a rest… unfortunately we then had to walk back up the hill to school. It was a really fun day.

The Year 10s and 11s were given the choice to hit the shops instead. Our trip to Bicester Village may not have been as fruitful as we had hoped (all the designer shops were a little bit expensive so we had to pick our purchases wisely) but we had such a good time hanging around with our friends trying on fancy clothes and pretty handbags. There was a crepe stand that served the most delicious savoury and sweet crepes so we all seemed to choose to wait in a huge line for lunch only to go straight back into the line for dessert. Next time we go, we all think we might save up in advance because the handbags are calling to us.

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