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British Championships Biathlon

17 December 2018

Lottie Silverton, Emily Jones, and Sophie Jones competed in the British Championships Biathlon, which were held in Leeds on Sunday 25th of November. We all tried hard, doing the 100m swim first, all doing very well, with some Personal Bests. Later that day, we competed in the 1600m run. Outstanding times throughout, leading to Sophie coming 14th, Emily coming 16th and Lottie coming 20th. We also came 4th as a team. 
by Sophie Jones, Lottie Silverton and Emily Jones

Congratulations to everyone who took part!

Sophie - Overall 14th, 21st in the run, 12th in the swim
Emily - Overall: 16th, 18th in the run and 18th in the swim
Lottie - Overall 20th, 3rd in the run and 31st in the swim

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