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Celebrating Mother's Day in Mandarin at the Junior School

27 March 2018

mǔ 亲 qīn 节 jiē 快 kuà 乐 lè !! (Happy Mother’s Day)

On Wednesday 14 March we had a very successful Mother’s Day celebration in Mandarin Club. The week before, the girls made invitations for their mothers and grandmothers to join our club to celebrate Mother’s Day. On the day, the girls were excited to give their mums a special day out.

According to the book of Rite, children should help parents prepare warm water for a bath and wash their hair and feet. Similar celebrations are held in schools across Asia, especially schools in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

During the celebration, we show our respect and gratitude to thank our mothers for the important role they play in our family. In our club, the activities included brushing mothers’ hair, washing and moisturising mothers’ hands, serving tea and biscuits, putting nail polish on mothers’ nails and singing a Chinese song and playing a group game to entertain the mothers.

We all had a lovely time!

Mrs Kuo

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