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Celebrating Success with JAC Hockey

26 September 2018

Amy Lewin was encouraged by RHS in Year 7 to pick up a hockey stick for the first time in her life…… this started her passion to pick the position no one wanted to play – GK! The goalie is the most important player in the game because she has the most responsibility. In a team of 11 players, the goalie stands alone. With one save or one mistake, she can either make or break the game. The goalie not only has to be physically trained, but also mentally prepared. The kit can be hot and uncomfortable but essential when having very fast hard balls shot at you.

She was nominated by Bath Buccs to attend Somerset JDC (Junior Development Centre) back in April. The process for 2018 started with 36 girls + 5 GK’s and was whittled down during 6 sessions to a team of 10 girls + 2 GK’s for the JAC assessment on the 16th September. Amy was the only GK selected from Street to attend Somerset Academy in her age group and as numbers are much lower than before the standard is much higher than at the previous JAC. The sessions were held at Millfield and Kings College Taunton so a lot of commitment travelling from Bath after school for evening sessions on a Friday. Amy also attended external GK academies for group and 121 sessions with England Performance coaches to help with technique and different match situations. These were held in the evenings and weekends as well as being selected for Bath Buccs U14’s A team and the Ladies teams. A lot of late nights and early mornings.

One highlight over the summer was attending a Maddie Hinch training day at Kings College – on one of the hottest days of the year! A fantastic day training with England’s No. 1 GK. 

RHS U14 Girls

Amy Lewin (GK) – Somerset JAC

Daisy Gallen – Avon JAC

Emilie Kirkwood – Avon JAC

Phoebe Wirick – Avon JAC

Clemmie Gallen – not sure if she is in JAC this year

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