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Christmas Craft in Boarding

21 December 2018

At the weekend, we went to the Christmas market in Bath and we did Christmas crafts in the boarding house. The weather wasn’t very nice, but there was still lots of people in the city centre on Saturday morning. There were lot of stalls and they were selling lot of different things to eat, so as we walked around we enjoyed the delicious smells. Our favourite stall was roasting nuts and selling them in little paper packages. Because we had to go to in the morning, we weren’t able to see all the pretty lights but the stalls still looked charming and interesting especially as lots of them had Christmas decorations all over them.

Later that day, we made our own decorations, such as Christmas cards, things to hang on the tree and paper snowflake garlands. It was a lot of fun and we all really enjoyed it.

By Mary Meng

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