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Classical Symposium

16 March 2017

Last Thursday evening, we were transported back in time to a Greek drinking party (or a Classical Symposium) with fantastic entertainment from students from Year 7 to Year 13.

As the audience gathered, slaves – i.e. volunteer students dressed in togas - were dispatched to offer wine, fruit juice, bread, cheese, grapes and olives as the excitement mounted. The show was introduced with an explanation of an ancient Greek symposium and the audience soon saw that this variety show was going to be a much more civilised affair, with no flicking of wine on the floor, but that it would be just as entertaining.

Charlotte and Eloise did a fantastic job of introducing each performance, providing both commentaries on the action and continuity between pieces. There was real variety in the performances, and the students’ passion for the ancient world shone from beginning to end. From clear and detailed explanations of how the original Latin text beats any English translation for its beauty, to superb dramatisations of stories taken from the Cambridge Latin Course performed in Latin but with English surtitles, the evening culminated in the whole cast finale of the ‘Dative Rap’, and the whole event was filled with fun.

Students offered explanations of spells in Harry Potter, explained the meaning behind ‘Beware the Ides of March’, wrote and dramatised their own creation myth explaining the name of the Dead Sea, read poetry, performed songs, and enlivened passages from tragedy, poetry and film all related to the ancient world. We were even treated to a video created by students re-enacting the blinding of the Cyclops in both English and Classical Greek, but using some rather unfortunate soft toys.

The evening was an absolute delight and all the girls involved should feel thoroughly proud of their contributions. Mrs Margaret Moore, one of our school governors also passes on her heartfelt congratulations to them all. We are already looking forward to another celebration of the Classical world next year!

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