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Colour Comes to the Sixth Form Induction

06 September 2019

The end of the summer term saw an opportunity for our new Year 12 incomers to reflect on their personalities, preferences and the behaviours within a team, using a Myers Briggs-style personality profiling exercise called C-Me. Using colour to define their character traits and preferences, the girls explored what makes them tick, how they naturally behave and what their communication styles are. They were then encouraged to adapt and develop their behaviours to get the best from themselves and others in a team context.

Recognising the value that such insights could have for the girls in realising their plans for Sixth Form and beyond, and in developing their employability, the Friends generously funded this opportunity. It started with identifying their colour type by responding to a series of ‘I would rather’ questions, before some group tasks requiring them to work with others of the same colour. The second trickier exercise involved putting themselves in the position of their opposite type, honing those all-important empathy skills.

The girls put the theory into practice in the afternoon, as the day rounded up with a movie-making exercise which required them to work in teams of mixed colours. The unsurprising conclusion was that the strongest teams include a diversity of personalities, and the best team players know how to adapt their own behaviours and understand those of others.

Thank you to the Friends for funding this impactful opportunity for the girls.

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