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Digital Explorers by EDT

22 April 2019

On Tuesday 26th March, 37 girls and 3 teachers went to the Air Bus headquarters in Bristol. There were multiple schools there and even better free biscuits. We started off learning about cryptocurrency and learned the negatives and positives. Each team put forward and idea on the subject and then we, as a group, voted if we thought it was a good or bad concept. We did this again with artificial intelligence and the Internet of things. As a group we voted that artificial intelligence was good and so was the Internet of Things.

Then we learned about morse-code and decoded phrases with the Caesar Cipher. It was challenging but in the end it was satisfying to figure out what the words meant. For some people the most fun part was building of a torch and then were flashed morse-code messages to each other and decoded what they meant.

After lunch there was a panel of professionals working in various different sectors of STEM. They talked about what choices they made to get the jobs and then we had the chance to ask questions. This was really useful if you wanted to know what GCSEs or A levels to take.

Then the bit which many people enjoyed, we were given a problem to solve and we had to solve it using marketing and technological solutions. Then we had to present it in front of the whole group which was a bit nerve raking. Overall, we enjoyed the trip as it inspired us to have a STEM job in the future.

Amelie Bloxham Year 9

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