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Drama Workshop with Wilf Scolding

19 February 2019

On the 29th of January, a selection of Y9-11 students were fortunate to attend a Drama workshop, led by Wilf Scolding, who has previously appeared in Game of Thrones. To start, Wilf taught us a range of techniques people in the theatre industry use to warm their bodies up, including the voice. We practiced breathing exercises and ways to relax and get the body ready for performing and doing drama. After our warm up, we focused on how to take a piece of text we were given and add colour and depth it. We did this by thinking of actions and physicalising them. This helped us to add a lot more meaning into our words.

We finished off by performing our monologues and duologues, which we had brought to the workshop, and receiving notes from Wilf about how we can improve our pieces. Each of us were given some useful notes on how to improve, which we can take forward into other pieces we may do in the future. The workshop was an amazing experience which gave us valuable skills for the future.

by Evie Helps, Year 9

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