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Dyslexia Awareness Week

28 October 2019

What an amazing Dyslexia Awareness week it has been at RHS! We had an awareness assembly on Monday celebrating difference. One in ten people have dyslexia and 20% of the UK's business self-starters have the condition. The girls enjoyed seeing things differently and learned about famous celebrities and how they used their difference to their advantage. Rather timely, as only this week Dr John Goodenough, a dyslexic scientist, won the Nobel prize in Chemistry! That afternoon, Caroline Bateman, who runs her own dyslexia information website – showed teachers how to further enable students in their lessons. That evening, parents learned about resources and tips to help their students revise at home. Please visit the website as there are great ideas to support your child.

On Tuesday, Caroline ran a workshop for some of our students which was very well received and even I struggled with the logo quiz! I certainly know how to use a mark scheme and prepare well for the next time!

On Wednesday, there was a real buzz in school as we had a ‘No Pens Day’. Students were able to put down their pens to take part in speaking and listening activities such as online quizzes, card sorting, debates, role-play, group work, hot seating, interviews and presentations.

On Thursday, there were ‘Magic Memory tricks’ to try out during lunchtime such as memory quizzes, mind mapping, using pictures and colour, story linking and number shape and rhyming strategies.

On Friday, everyone was able to enjoy poetry and writing from dyslexic writers such as Benjamin Zephaniah and William Butler Yeats.

My favourite moment was listening to a teacher explain how she enjoyed hearing how proud some of the students were about their differences and how they were so unique too – one student explained how she disliked writing and preferred touch typing and drawing to convert her notes into pictures and listen to them whereas another student explained muscle memory was her strength and so writing was a real help with her learning!

We have enjoyed celebrating this week so much and have been inspired by our learners and how they use their dyslexic advantage.

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