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Early Years Visits The Wild Place

20 June 2019

Our Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes visited the Wild Place Project in Bristol. The girls had a lovely day and thoroughly enjoyed seeing some fantastic animals!  See below for some thoughts from Reception girls:

We went to the Wild Place. I bought some gems. At the Wild Place there were wolves, geladas, two giraffes, goats, zebras, cheetahs, lemurs, elands and meerkats. My favourite part was getting muddy. I was afraid of the cheetah but I wanted to hug the giraffe by Lottie

We went to the Wild Place. I saw some ringtailed lemurs. My trainers got all muddy. I saw some meerkats and they made me laugh. I saw some cheetahs. It was fun. We got to the Wild Place on the minibus by Clara

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